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Basic to Contakt-Handles:

Contakt-Handles should save your form input time. since you can use a Contakt-Handles for many domains!

Also with the equipment(institution) of Contakt-Handles the requirements(demands) are to be followed for correct information(data)-> more infos(information) here

An address = one contact-address:

Of course makes no difference to you if you begin which goodness to her contact-acts has, still(nevertheless) you have to provide for the fact that the data(dates) have correctly been given(declared), in any case and because these introduce in you for the other(farther) future, considerable saving of time, you should take from yourselves the time, theirs immediately contact-acts from the start properly(correctly) to furnish(arrange)! Since, indeed, the equipment(institution) of the Handles is free - only you have later the update expenditure to bring all Handles on the right(correct) state - WE CAN INSURE OF THIS THEM! 
By the new arrangement of a Handles:

should you have read before our subjects:
a) correct data(dates) for the Domain Registrierungs authority-> Domain registration process
b) Who is who, in the Domain registration-> Who is who?
c) Tips to the fill the form "Add contact handle"-> Add a new contact handle