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Domain, what is that?

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Domaine is derived from lat/franz. and signifies rule or territory.

Domain: Their name, that of your company or your product to your Internet pages. In an area of your state or your possibilities.

e.g., www. or www. a colloquial Internet-Domain, as for example is tied together with the respective server (one or several computers) on which the suitable Internet pages are ready stored.

However, this does not occur directly, a Domain (name) is dissolved in various worldwide DNA servers in TCP/IP addresses. In addition it requires of course of a certain structure which has developed about many years and also is coined on and on!

Alone from the grown Strukur will award, e.g., Domainen with ending .de from the Denic and administers and thus is responsible for every Main-Domain as for example .de / .com another registration place or registration authority for the assignment!

Generally, these registration places and registration authorities or their state organs have given regulations and default which permits a registration, actually, of all Domain names, not own or other interests, as for example state protection, cities, authorities, companies or brand rights injure!

Please, consider exactly whether you injure Domain, no rights with the registration of your more different.

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