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There are the following situations, there you cannot wait for the fact that your Internet access provider has updated the right DNS-Settings in his name server.

For it there is a possibility which can be also chosen if you have not still applied for these Domain at all, but with a virtual Domain would like to work, for test purposes.

Please, note, nevertheless, that the following description is valid only for your local computer and you should remove absolutely later the entries to be able to check also whether your customers can also reach your servers:

Now they can get to believe locally in your machine that a Domain has the following TCP-IP. In addition you have to go in the host file which you find in your computer (Windows 2000 / XP) under the following list: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc or c:\winnt\systems32\drivers\etc you find there hosts.sam and if necessary a file hosts

If you none hosts without.E Extension find, copy hosts.sam on hosts and then edit this. Insert the following entries in hosts:

TCP-IP of your server Domain 
TCP-IP of your server www.

Domain example:

The same one you could also carry out with a Subdomain: Example:

restart Afterwards your computer and then with ping or Internet Explorer now you should be connected with your server. Their entries in hosts – file are locally valid only for your computer. Customers can reach your server only if the name resolution via DNS-Settings is right!

Therefore, this possibility is to be recommended only temporarily and the entries should be extinguished later again!!!

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