- cheap Domain prices
- more than 600 Domain endings
- clear management
- including name servers
- Administer Domains itself
- On-line registration
- more as 8 years

Now register
free of charge Webutation

Within less seconds your Domains can be registered, indeed, the forms must be filled to registering correctly. See the following pictures:

ATTENTION: you have to follow the conditions of the respective Domain-registration place! If you liked to get to know in addition more, Domain registration process

Register Domains - Step 1 - Search and selecting the domains to be registered - Domain - Status - Setup - Annual - Select - Select for a domain - Domain - Select the registration Period

Step 1:

Register Domains - Step 1a - now you see the registered-Domains - check the status of available and select when you need, the domain alert option. Select on the button registration period

Step 2:

Domain-Registration - Step2 - Change the registration period and you see the price

Step 3:

Register-Domains - Step 3 - Configure the domains - Enter the nameservers and the owner contact - Activate the field to create the DNS-Zone and enter the target IP. By the owner contact, select the option: Use this contact infos.

1/2/3: Nameserver for the domains are generally the Nameserver-Entries: / /
15/16: Please been carefully, that the phone or fax-number begins with a + following the country code, then a Point an your telephone number. Between your City-Code and the rest of your number, you can insert a Point too! Other signs or spaces are not allowed here!

 Filling now the form for the domain-registration for the admin and tech-contact. Select the option for the both adresses "Same as Registrant"!

For all other contacts, choice the option: "Same as Registrant" !!! - You can change behind the registration everytime! normal by the domains de/com/net/org without a special charge! By other domains, can been, that a changing of the registrant cost extra, then you will been carefully, that all the datas will been correctly. See infos --> Who is who?

Now, here you see the Biling contact, where you choice the same option "Same as Registrant". Please check all the datas, before you press the "Register domains" button!

Other fields you must only fill, when you needed!

Before you click on Create Domain, check please once more whether you have chosen the right choice for every contact, as for example "These Acts use", "the same contact data as  Registrant" or "This contact information use" and in particular whether mail address and telephone number were given in the right format. Check the name server entries once more and only then you click on REGISTER DOMAIN and as a rule it is put on your Domain within less seconds! 

NEXT STEP: Wait for the information, that your domain will been registered as "200: complete successfully" - Then you check, that your domain will been registered in the domain-list!

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