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Juridical tips before realisation of a Domain transfer (Domain transfer of a previous provider in your Domain-portofolio with

Before you carry out the Domain transfer for a Domain, you must be sure that you are entitled to initiate this. Only the Domain owner, is entitled to initiate a Domain transfer or to let initiate. If you carry out a Domain transfer for another, an order should be given to you, because you must be able to prove later any time that you were entitled to a Domain transfer!

Technical realisation of a detailed Domain transfer:

You need an AUTH code for the most Domains. With the MWI you can carry out the Domain transfer. The Domain is transferred in your domain-portofolio, about that you are logged in in the MWI. There you choose: Manage products -> Domain admin -> Transfer

Then you can transfer several Domains all at once. Please, note that you enter the Domain without www. before, so not www. separate and behind it then a space and then behind it the AUTH code. Per line enter in each case only one Domain and when the Auth code exists, then with blank and behind it the Auth code. Afterwards you click on "check of transfer" and then follow the other operator's guidance.

As a rule a mail will send to the mail address of the owner, registered on the Domain is sent. Then this must agree by a back link to the Domain transfer and the Domain will transfer.

After the realisation of a Domain transfer to which with some Domains within only few minutes and with other Domains, several days can last you must absolutely change the contact address data with your Domain!

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